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Solar led Street Light

All in Two solar street light 50W/100W/150W/200W

Item No.: SST-50-08
Avaliable: 50W/100W/150W/200W

Advantage: Easy to install ; Bigger and angle adjustable solar panel ; Easy to replace the battery
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Product Feature:

Model No. SST-50-08 SST-100-08 SST-150-08 SST-200-08
Solar Panel Type Polycrystalline Silicon
Solar Panel Power 18V 75W 18V 90W 18V 120W 18V 120W 
Solar Panel Dimension(mm) 650*750*30 870*670*35 1140*670*35 1140*670*35
Conversion efficiency 19.7-19.8%
Battery Pack Type LiFe PO4 (Lithium iron phosphate battery)
Battery Capacity 12.8V 24AH 12.8V 30AH 12.8V 36AH 12.8V 42AH
Light source 192pcs of CREE  SMD3030  192pcs of CREE  SMD3030 192pcs of CREE  SMD3030 192pcs of CREE  SMD3030
Total Lumen 2000LM 4000LM 6000LM 8000LM
Lamp dimension(mm) 515(L)*253(W)*455(H)  with adapter
515(L)*253(W)*342(H)without adapter
Color temperature 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
Housing Material die-cast aluminium
Housing Color Grey
Controller Type PWM / MPPT
Charging efficiency 88%-94%
With light sensor Lamp turn ON automatically when sunset,  and turn OFF automatically when sunrise
With time control There are 4 time-frame-control, You can customize settings !!  kindly check our default settings at the bottom of this sheet . 
With Microwave sensor 100% (when moving object detected.   and remain 100% for 20S after object left.)  ,50% (when no moving object detected.)
Supports continuous rainy days 2-3 days
Installation Height 4-5 M 5-6 M 6-7 M 7-8 M
IP rating IP65
Warranty 3 years

Our Advantage:

1.Easy to install ,no need extra bracket,like the all in one solar street lights,it saves installation costs;   
2.The solar panel can be made bigger like the separated solar street lights than all in one solar led street lights. Bigger size can charge more power each day so can light up longer time .     

3.Solar panel angle adjustable ,solar panel can be adjusted to any direction according to different enviroment,than can absorb more solar energy.     

4.Easy to replace the battery , just unscrew the lamp back cover and take out the battery,no need to unload the whole lamp & panel from the pole for battery replacement,very simple and convenient .  

Why choose us:

the solar street light market is very confusing these years, there is no industry standard, customers are always looking for low prices, many solar street light factories in order to make higher profits, they can only reduce the price of their products. Configured or with very poor quality materials, customers was happily think they are buying cheap and good products, but in fact the quality of these solar street lights do not work half a year or even less than two months, which led to more and more people no longer trust in solar street lights.

So for solar LED street lights, what you lack is a reliable supplier, why choose us:

1.Battery life

A-class LiFePO4 Lithium> B-class LiFePO4 Lithium>Ternary Li-ion Lithium> Broken Lithium detached from electric car(D-class)

Our factory purchases A-class LiFePO4 Lithium single cells in bulk. After dividing the capacity (please refer to our classifying machine), we place them so that the single cells of the same capacity level can be made into finished battery products .The battery performance is more stable and the life is longer .

2.Solar panel size

The wider solar panel size means Large load power, high capacity, which can increase the solar panel Efficiency , could offer enough power for bearing power and is an ensurance of brightness and longer backup time during cloudy days.

3. LED Chip Lumen

210lm/w: Brightness decay in 5 years and more than 80% brightness remained.
110lm/w: Brightness decay in 2-3 years and about 20% brightness remained.

4. Case and Bracket Material

High Quality solar street light use customized die-casting aluminum mould, the advantages of die-casting aluminum mould are: light weight, strong and corrosion resistant , anti rust. The die-casting aluminum mould is elegant and characteristics .

5.Whether solar panel can adjust

Different countries and regions have different geographic locations and latitudes. When people install solar street light in some place, on one side, the solar panel can face the sun directly, but on the other side, the solar panel can not face the sun, so if the solar panel can adjustable, it will absorb more solar energy, which can maximize the conversion of solar energy .

6.Perfect Quality Control & excellent after-sales service

There is a set of completed QC process, including IQC, IPQC & FQC in our factory. There are special person in charge of inspection for raw material, in-process goods and finish goods.

Before shipment, we will make a series of testing to guarantee the quality of all our products. During the warranty period, if there is any issue, we will replace them for you for free.

Also, we have a professional technical team. We can give your professional support for your any problem.

What you can get:

For any of your led street light projects, we can provide DIALUX simulation support to help you win the project faster. 

We have very rich experience in led street light projects ,whether It is a single-side arrangement led lights or a double-sided arrangement led lights ,we can provide you with better solutions.

Production process:

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