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P hilips Lighting, a global leader in lighting, illuminated the newly built Warsaw Spire, the second tallest skyscraper in Poland with a P hilips’ architectural LED lighting system. With over 88,000 LED light points installed on the 220-meter tall skyscra
Chapter One: Research Summary and Study Methods
This Research has compiled various data regarding related SEA government and industry agencies, local business partners, import and export figures, to identify and analyze key market variables and offer pro
The combined shipments of smartwatches and smart bands will reach 7.5 million units this year, and 90% of which will be equipped with optical sensor components used for pulse rate monitoring, according to the 2016 UV LED and IR LED Application Markets Res
Following the popularization of LEDs, most luminaires’ luminous efficacy has reached 100 lm/W, the resulting surge in C/P ratio has accelerated market penetration. As consumers become more educated about LEDs, light quality has become the most discussed t
LEDinside:LED Lighting Market to Reach US$30.5 Billion in 2016 and Professional Lighting Markets to See Explosive Growth
According to a recent estimation made by LEDinside, a division of Trendforce, the total lighting market value of the six major Southeast Asian countries - Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines - will reach about USD 4.8 billio