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In July, 2022, our 1000w LED Sports lights (model no.: FL-1000W-NS07M) were installed in a professional swimming pool in Philippines.  Customer need the lighting effect compliant with FINA ( F édération  I nternationale de  N atation) lighting standards, and compliant with 4K HD live broadcast standards . We used 76 units with 45 degrees beam angle with CRI>90 , the final results completely reached the FINA standards : for workplane: average illuminance >2000 lux (result is 2114lux) , uniformity 0.35, GR<30 (result is 24-27) . After all 76 units installed , the customer is very satisfied with the lighting effect .
In Sep ,2021 ,220units of our 1200w sports lights (model no.: FL-1200w-NS07M) were being used in the Biggest soccer filed in Czech with successful lighting effect : the Average luminance reaches 2118lux, Unformity reaches 0.78 ,and GR <50 , all have reached and even surpassed the UEFA Stadium Lighting standard "Elite level A" ---the highest standard level.
In Feb,2020, our 250W Sports lights were used in ATP 250 (International Tennis Match World Tour) in Cordoba,  Argentina , with a very good lighting effect .  It's the 2nd time the ATP250 match use our lights . 
It’s testing IES (light distribution) of the led sports light . The test must be in a professional dark room , with the device “light-distribution photometer” . The total cost of a dark room need about 45,000USD dollars. Welcome to visit our “dark room” , with it we can test our led fixtures freely , to generate the IES test report, then we can use Dialux software to simulate the lighting effect of all application, to check the luminance , uniformity, and glare , so work out the best lighting solution for customers.
Our 3D printer is working day and night without stopping. It's a very good helper during R&D work. Once the 3D drawing is finished , it can print out the sample according to the drawing . With exact sample in hand , it's very convenient for us to check and discuss where to improve , and can confirm the final drawings quickly before developing the new molds. Really now it only take us around 35-40 days from a new design to a new mold which can start producing . If you're looking for a innovative and hard & quick working partner to cooperate your ODM projects , contact us ! (, professional outdoor lighting & sports lighting manufacturer )
Besides a bigger 3D printer ,we have another smaller 3D printer working together . It is why only in this December, we are developping 6 models of new products. These 2 helpers make us can see more samples in shorter time , can evaluate / improve more samples at the same time , they really make our R&D work even quicker .  If you're looking for a innovative and hard & quick working partner to cooperate your ODM projects , contact us ! (, professional outdoor lighting & sports lighting manufacturer )
LED sports lights are used outdoor so the reliable waterproof is very important . A IP66 structure housing is not enough , must plus the very serious seal technology during production. We use glue machine to put the silicon glue before and after putting the seal-ring of the lens , so the seal around lens can be really reliable and water won't go into from there . Some customers may don't like this way because they want to change different beam angle lens freely by themselves , but , trust me , not sealing well the lens will bring customer complaints sooner or later .
Reliable waterproof is very important for outdoor lights.  From product structure design ,to good sealing technology during production , to full testing for each order,  the complete quality management system is the key to make sure.
Production ( Drilling and Tapping)  of the housing of our led sports light model FL-500W-NS07L . Welcome to visit us in China ---original manufacturer of led sports light, stadium light , street light , high bay light .
Our laser machine is laserprinting logo for customers.  We offer complete OEM services to help customers advertise their brands and make their brands seen by more and more people .