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Swimming pool used our 1000w Sports lights in 2022 in Philippines
In July, 2022, our 1000w LED Sports lights (model no.: FL-1000W-NS07M) were installed in a professional swimming pool in Philippines. Customer need the lighting effect compliant with FINA ( F édération  I nternationale de  N atation) lighting standards, and compliant with 4K HD live broadcast standards . We used 76 units with 45 degrees beam angle with CRI>90 , the final results completely reached the FINA standards : for workplane: average illuminance >2000 lux (result is 2114lux) , uniformity 0.35, GR<30 (result is 24-27) . After all 76 units installed , the customer is very satisfied with the lighting effect .
Hockey field used our 250w Sports lights in 2022 in Argentina
In Sep, 2022, our 250W LED Sports lights (model No. FL-250W-NS07M) were installed in a hockey field in Cordoba, Argentina . From the photos provided by customer , the lighting effect is as usual very good , very bright , and with perfect uniformity .
Football field used our 1000W Sports lights in 2022 in Czech
In Dec,2022 , Our 1000W LED Sports lights (model No. FL-1000W-NS07M)  were installed in another football filed in Czech. Customer used 26 units , installed on 15m height , 6 poles,  get average luminance 266lux (for training and recreation ) and uniformity 0.72 (good uniformity).